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IO Exhibition, 2014

IO exhibition poster

IO Exhibition Poster

The IO exhibition, funded by the Arts Council (England), the National Lottery and North Lincolnshire Council, opened on 16th September 2014 at the prestigious Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture in Metaxata, Kefalonia. This exhibition forms part of their international arts festival entitled "Stone Kingdom". The Title IO refers to the Priestess Io of Greek mythology -The Ionian Sea is said to be named after her. The IO logo represents the universal symbol used on electrical devices for power on/off - being the binary digits 1 and 0.

The theme of the exhibition is based around the seismic nature of Kefalonia and the stone and rocks that were displaced, built, ruined and rebuilt over generations. From tiny pebbles on a beach to the mighty Mount Ainos; Roman villas decorated with mosaics, to stone quarried and used for houses, many of which still lie abandoned after the devastating earthquake of 1953. The Kefalonia News website has a report in Greek but also lots of images of the exhibition.

This is the official exhibition poster, the background art used here is taken from one of the exhibits entitled "Earthsounds".